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Roolz or something.

So, I do like the idea of having themes or polls, but I deleted the entry that vishuscirkle made. [Nothing personal, Trish, the entry itself was just a bit offputting, but I do like some of the ideas].
You're welcome to have themes of your own or even vote on themes of the week/month/whatever. That's all a pretty good idea, but for now, I'd like to focus on getting more people to join.

I've also thought about introducing the non-mandatory idea of not only crediting a post with who made the macros, but with who is actually the subject of the macro and the situation in which the picture took place. Kinda fun, and it would allow people we don't know IRL to feel a part of the community as well as getting to know the humor behind a macro. Besides, who doesn't like telling stories?

So, my theme for this post is quite obvious.

Story (if you can call it that):
A loltacular picture of Ashley (ridiculii) and Bob (prism_boy), this was taken my senior year of high school ('06) in the drama room. I have no idea who took the picture, but I assume it was Courtney. Yeah. Needless to say, no one paid attention in that class.

Picture of Thomas (corsicangod) and Ashley (ridiculii). I wasn't present during the taking of this picture, and I have no idea of the specifics, but I can take a pretty accurate guess, as you probably can as well. Fact I do know: it was taken at Missy's (msvincentmalloy) house. I almost feel like it doesn't even need the caption.

This is a picture of Ben (abyssalweaver) taken by me. This was in the audience during the '04 graduation, I believe. I was making fun of his hair, and he was *PISSED OFF*. Lawl.

Remember, the whole "story rule" isn't really a rule, and as such is not required, but fun! Happy macroing!
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